BEIRUT (Lebanon) – A referee camp was organized by the FIBA Regional Office – Asia from April 13-18 in Tehran, Iran.

The six-day camp  attracted 55 referees from all over the country, both male and female. The spirit of the camp was great and friendly for all participants and provided a profitable landscape to develop officiating in the country.

“The federation was able to refresh the referees with updated knowledge of basketball during this fruitful workshop held in Iran. ” said Iran Basketball Federation (IRIBF) President, Mr. Javad Davari.

“The referee camp for the Iran Basketball Federation (IRIBF) will be an important part of the development of referees in Iran,” said IRIBF Refereeing Committee Chief, Mr. Fereydoun Salimian. “What was good to see in this camp was the presence of 15 young female referees who I believe can positively impact on the future of the refereeing in our country.”

Throughout the course of the entire camp, 10 games were organized with 2 games played per day. These  games provided the perfect platform for the development of the referees and the participants displayed a very positive attitude and were ready to learn. At the same time, it was a good opportunity for the Regional Office to scout and identify potential young national referees in Iran.

This camp is a continuation of the plans set out by the Regional Office to improve the quality of officiating in the region, which in result will heighten the level of competition.


Via Fiba