USA Mens Basketball Team proved that they were going to win a gold medal with the performance that displayed against a great Spain Mens Basketball Team. All of the NBA superstars stepped up their game to another level and made plays down the stretch. Don’t disregard Spain either because top NBA names and rookies for 2009 showed their stuff in the Final Show Down in the 2008 Olympics.

Top Players USA

  • Unsung Hero – Dwyane Wade
  • All Around MVP – Lebron James
  • Best Inside – Chris Bosh
  • Top Point Guard – Chris Paul
  • Sacrifice – Carmelo Anthony

Top Players Spain

  • Spain’s Most Valuable – Pau Gasol
  • Best Youth – Ricky Rubio
  • Unstoppable – Rudy Fernandez
  • Strength Down The Stretch – Juan Carlos Narvarro
  • Biggest Disappointment – Jose Calderon