Big news surrounding the future of ex-NBA star Stephon Marbury during the past months after his struggles with the New York Knicks. Yesterday, it was publicly announced that he will play in the pro basketball league in China with Shanxi. Marbury is expected to debut next week on January 27th against Qingdao.

The salary of Marbury has not been disclosed by the president of the club, however they did note that:

Marbury’s salary is not an astronomical figure because by coming here he also hopes to open up the Chinese market and sell his shoes,” Wang said, referring to the guard’s line of Starbury basketball shoes and apparel.

Marbury I’m sure will have lots of fans has he was a well known great NBA player back years ago before other outside issues were in effect. His shoe brand Starbury I’m sure will pick up and sell a lot in China due to the volume of fans that the professional league brings in each year.

About the language.. hmm I’m not sure.