Kobe Bryant is promoting his new shoe in China while attending some games at the Stankovic Cup. Here is video of Kobe Bryant in an interview

Excerpt taken from the Xinhuanet news:

Changchun is the second stop of Kobe 24 Live. On July 27, he watched the North China final of Nike Summer Basketball, interacted with audience, attended a commercial activity, and had close communication with Chinese young players. He taught about 30 young players in the noon, and these talents learned a lot.

Kobe praised high about the young players in China. “I saw the young players, I taught them in the morning. They were consistent, and they have the passion on the game. They all love to play, and they have hunger to learn. And if you have those, they help them to become successful because that was the start. You have to have the thirst to learn, you have to have to desire to be great. And they have that, that’s why I keep coming back to teach them and show them more, because I see their eyes.”

After Changchun, Kobe will go to other Chinese cities of Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Chengdu. Before leaving his fans here, Kobe said “I Love You” in Chinese, and this shocked all the people there.