Japan literally blew out the FIBA Asia Championships host China in a remarkable fashion (85-50) to defend title. In 2013, Japan captured the Asia Championships over Korea however not as commanding as over China.

Final standings of the 2015 FIBA Asia Women’s Championship:

Level I (Group A)

1. Japan
2. China
3. Korea
4. Chinese Taipei
5. Thailand*
6. India*

Level II (Group B)

1. Philippines**
2. DPR Korea**
3. Kazakhstan
4. Malaysia
5. Hong Kong
6. Sri Lanka

Tournament MVP and All-Star


Japan’s Ramu Tokashiki was named the Asia Championships MVP and Asami Yoshida (JPN), Kim Danbi (KOR), Ting Shao (CHN), Mengran Sun (CHN) and  Ramu Tokashiki were named the All-Star Five.