MUSCAT (Oman) – A game officials clinic was organized by the FIBA Regional Office – Asia from January 27-30 in in Oman, Muscat.

Over 30 participants attended the clinic in Muscat, including FIBA Referees, National Referees, Table Officials and Commissioners. 

The four-day programme included a range of theory and practical officiating sessions, which provided a wide variety of learning opportunities for those present. The topics included the latest updates related to refereeing and latest updates in basketball rules. At the same time it was a good opportunity for the Regional Office to scout and identify potential new FIBA and National referees in Oman.

An on-court practical sessions were also organized to help the participants understand the task at hand to help them become FIBA licensed referees and understand how to tackle challenges.

” The refereeing committee of Oman basketball association arranged this clinic as part of its commitment to develop and improve basketball in Oman and refereeing administration, said Dr. Ali Al-Yaaribi, Vice Chairman of Oman Basketball Association.

“I’m very pleased to have attended this clinic in Oman. The sessions organized by the Regional Office are very important to refine and enhance the knowledge of our game officials, added FIBA referee Issam Alsiyabi.

The game officials clinic in Oman is the first of many planned for 2022 as the Regional Office prepares its game officials for a busy year of basketball.


Via Fiba