Stankovic Cup in 2010 will start today Liuzhou in Guangxi, the four participating teams have made since the Turkish championship tickets, Williams Cup was the world championships as a coach before the first training the best chance.

Australia would definitely miss the World Championships NBA stars to play the Bucks center Andrew Bogut and rocket Anderson, but the defending champions as they take part in this Sri Lankan Cup can not be ignored. In particular, the team came to Liuzhou has six players took part in the Beijing Olympics, including star guard CJ · Bruton.

Australia coach said: “I am very pleased to once again come to China to play, the game will be the world championships in Turkey before we go to a very critical step.”

Slovenia coach Bessie Pavlovic Sri Lanka will also be in this cup as a “touchstone” opportunity, he said: “This game has a very strong opponent, the team is critical for World Championship, the team hopes to achieve good results . ”

Slovenia, Stankovic Cup in 2007, worked in Philadelphia last season and the Milwaukee Bucks 76, the effectiveness of its biggest stars Brezec.

Iran coach Matic also that “before the world championships three strong opponents of such a rare opportunity.” Although the Ha Dadi still can not rejoin the United States, Iran Scan on China’s main already laid off do hope that continuation of Asian Championships Championship glory.

As for the Chinese team, coach Denghua De made before: “The next Stankovic Cup are critical, after all, are warm-up before, but then the real game.”

Deng Huade in the conference to thank the three foreign teams to travel long distances to China to attend warm-up after the game revealed that the training team in order to achieve improved the main purpose of the Cup of China Team in Sri Lanka as possible to allow more players to enjoy playing time running team.