Australia Wins Paralympic Gold Medal after defeating Canada 72-60.

Down by four points at halftime, Australia dominated on offense in the third and fourth quarters to pull ahead of Canada. Australia, the silver medalist from the Athens Games, padded its lead in the last minute of play by hitting five free throws and a layup. Center Troy Sachs was the high scorer for the Australian team with 19 points. Teammates Justin Eveson and Shaun Norris combined for 33 points, and center Brad Ness had a game-high eight assists. Canada, the defending champion, could not match Australia’s scoring pace in the last quarter and missed several shots. Forward Patrick Anderson was the game’s high scorer with 22 points. Anderson and center Joey Johnson grabbed the most rebounds of the game (12 each), which ended with Canada’s first loss of the Beijing 2008 tournament.

Final Standings

  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. Great Britain
  4. USA
  5. Germany